1% Student Battle

Written by on May 20, 2016 .

As you can read in the newsletter COLT has been selected to take part in the 1% student battle 2016. Each project is represented by an enthusiastic team of students who will develop the business case and generate funds to support their project. Team Arunny will do battle with the other teams on behalf of COLT. The team consists of five enthusiastic young ladies bursting with good initiatives! 

Together with team Arunny and a local NGO COLT will set up a centre of knowledge and expertise in our new community. We will set up self- help groups in the surrounding villages and help to develop knowledge on important social and health issues such as hygiene and healthcare, domestic violence, drug abuse and illiteracy. What makes this project unique is that it will be run by Cambodians for Cambodians! Team Arunny will develop an educational programme, a scenario that can be further developed for each of the themes. See the newsletter for more information or click on the following link:

 Support Arunny, support COLT! Go to the crowdfundingspage. 

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