Why are we re-locating?

Colt has been at its present location for almost ten years. This site used to be close to the dumpsite of Phom Penh. Since the re-location of the tip outside the city the area in which COLT stands has seen much change and improvement. Both the school and the children's home are on rented ground. Ground rents in the area have been increasing and locations are being sold to property developers. Rental contracts are not renewed for long periods and the owner of the school on which our school stands has informed us that from 2015 the contract cannot be renewed. This insecure situation hinders the organisation in its plans and development. Like any organisation we dreamt of owning our own land so that we would have a firm base for our further development.

Thanks to a donor from Germany our dream has become reality. We are truly grateful for this. The news of this fantastic donation set many wheels in motion at both strategic and organisational levels. It led to a thorough evaluation of the past ten years, what had we achieved, what had we learnt, what would we like to change or improve? Making a new start means many new opportunities! In the past ten years Cambodia has seen many changes during which time we have built up a lot of experience.

Click here to read the Colt vision document 2015 - 2020 in English

Click here to read the Colt vision document 2015 - 2020 in German

New location

Photo New land

Early in 2014 the Colt board of governors (Dutch and Cambodian) looked over several plots of land in the Phom Penh area before finally settling on a site that met all the stipulated criteria. The new location is about ten kilometres south west of Phom Penh on highway 2 in the direction of the notorious "killing fields". It is in the vicinity of the new dumpsite and surrounded by three small villages. There are no other aid organisations active in this area. The L-shaped site covers an area of 6600 sq.m.

A lot has been accomplished in 2014. The ground level of the former rice paddy has been raised by 1.5 metres and a wall was built around the site. An entrance gate has been placed. In 2015 building will start for the new Colt community centre. The intention is to demolish some of the buildings at the present Colt location and re-use the materials at the new site.

Click here for a 360 degree film of the new location.

Click here for photos of the new location and developments so far.

If you have any questions about the new buildings or our future plans please contact governor Frida de Boer frida@colt.cambodia.org

Future Vision

children dumpsiteAt the new location Colt will build a community center for children, adults and families from the surrounding villages and the new dumpsite of Phnom Penh. We will offer support and help in the area of education, day care, health care, sustainability, sport and activities.

More information about our future plans you can read in our Colt vision plan 2015 – 2020 which contains more detailed information about our plans and we formulated 6 goals for the realization of all our plans. For which we need your help!

In the last 10 years Colt has accomplished a lot, thanks to the help of our sponsors, donors, volunteers and family and friends, for underprivileged children and students in Cambodia. We have gained a lot of experience and we know that we are on the right track but there is always room for improvement and we hope to continue our work with your support and knowledge.

Help us build our new future by donating through the 1% club, click here

Building activities at the COLT Community Centre

Building of the COLT community centre commenced officially on May 7. The whole project consists of 5 phases thatwill be realised in the coming years as funding allows.

- Phase 1: the children's centre
- Phase 2: the medical clinic and the day care centre 
- Phase 3: the library and IT facilities
- Phase 4: construction of the sports facilities
- Phase 5: realisation of the school

On May 7 building started on the children's centre. As soon as phase 1 is completed COLT will move to the new location. We expect to move in November of this year. Up until now the building activities have hardly been hampered by the rainy season which started late this year. Construction work is proceeding according to plan and the time schedule. The foundations have been laid and a start has been made with building work at ground level.

The success of the 1% campaign meant that we could start discussions on the realisation of phase 2 and we hope to start on the construction of the medical clinic and day-care centre within the next few months.

Construction of the new school has been planned for phase 5. The reason for this is that we will first investigate whether we can cooperate with a local primary school that is very close to our new location. They have a functional school building and we hope that we can set up a fruitful cooperation so that together we can offer an educational programme for the more than 200 children who attend the school daily. The first introductory meetings have already taken place. If cooperation is achieved then a new school building will not be a priority for the time being. Click here for photos and videos of the building activities from the start until July 2015.



The COLT children visit their new home

A lot will change for the Colt children in 2015 so we have made sure that from the start they have been informed and involved in the re-location plans.

In May 2014 they visited the new location and placed stones painted with their names in the outside wall. They were pleasantly surprised how large the terrain was so they immediately made plans for a new football pitch. After their visit the children made their own designs for the new location.

kinderen steen

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