Colt can only operate successfully with the support of volunteers for the following tasks:

- teaching (English, but as well geography, biology etc. & computer proficiency)

- maintenance of buildings 

- supervising in the souvenir shop

- coaching and organizing sport activities

- fundraising

We need people with various talents! Both younger and older people are welcome as volunteers at Colt! 

Volunteering at Colt is

- a unique and unforgettable experience 

- a chance to actually play a part in the development of Cambodian children.


Colt's volunteering requirements

If you want to register as a volunteer then you

- are at least 18 years old
- can work for a minimum of 4 weeks (teaching)
- have a good command of English
- can provide a resume/curriculum vitae (CV) in English 
- can provide a copy/scan of  your passport
- can submit a declaration of good conduct
- will submit a signed declaration of the COLT code of conduct                  
- will pay $9 a week to cover costs
- have affinity with working with children
- are socially-minded, flexible and enthusiastic

If you consider volunteering for Colt we ask you to take good note of the following documents:



Registering as a volunteer 

There are two ways in which you can register as a volunteer:

-Direct contact with our volunteers coordinator, Frida de Boer, frida@colt-cambodia.org. In this case you have to organize your own transport from the airport, housing etc. Naturally, we can help you with advice. 

-Through our volunteer organisation STAR Kampuchea. They organize transport from the airport, housing, a two-day introduction programme etc. Go to the website for more information or contact them at star-vac@starkampuchea.org.kh  

Volunteer work is not a holiday

Volunteer work in a developing country is an adventure. However you should be aware that it is work and not a holiday. COLT expects from you a professional attitude and the intention to make a significant contribution to the development of the children and the organization.

You should also be aware that you are part of an organization and that you should follow Colt policies. Colt always puts the welfare of the children first and expects volunteers to adhere to the organization’s child protection rules.