In order to carry out our activities, Colt depends for a large part on donations. We are unable to realize our objectives, or provide our children a real chance of a better future, without your help.

You can help Colt through:

A one-time donation

You can help Colt already by depositing a one-time donation on our account.

By becoming a regular donator

As a regular donator you support Colt with a monthly amount. For as low as 5 euro (6.5 dollar) a month you help to improve the future for our children.

By sponsoring a child

When you decide to sponsor one of our children, you pay 30 euro (40 dollar) a month, which is enough the cover the most basic needs of every child. It is used to cover the costs of healthy food, education and medical care.

By becoming a friend of Colt

In 2012 the group “Friends of Colt” was called into existence; an initiative through which a number of companies, associations and (private) foundations chose to commit themselves to Colt for a period of 3 to 5 years, donating a set annual amount to help us realize our objectives. If you are interested to become a Friend of Colt as well, please contact Andre Teeuw:

By organizing a fundraising-event

Organizing an event with Colt as benefactor is a great, active way to collect funds and expand Colt’s network. Flea markets, charity runs, church offertories and many other events have proven to be exciting ways to benefit Colt. Naturally, we will help to promote your event on Facebook, Twitter and our website.

By donating for Colt’s study fund

In order to transfer our children to a better school (Beltei), Colt initiated a study fund in 2012. As some of our children are getting to an age where they have the opportunity to go to university, or attend vocational training, this fund will also help us to cover the increase in costs. A year at Beltei costs about 300 euro (400 dollar) while the tuition fee for university amounts to 350 euro (450 dollar). If you wish to donate for this fund in particular, mention “Colt study fund” explicitly when you transfer the money.

Donations can be made on the following account:


Colt Cambodja
IBAN code: NL81 RABO 0120 0249 42

Rabo EVZ
Stationsweg 17


For more information about options to support Colt, please contact

Tina Beekman – Tolner or Frida de Boer


Contact details:

Tina Beekman-Tolner

Nieuwe Rijksweg 22


tel: 0592 - 543839


Frida de Boer


As a Dutch organization, Colt has been granted the ANBI status (no. 70433) in The Netherlands, meaning it is a verified organization for public benefit. The Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia officially granted Colt the NGO status in March 2007.