Day care

Sreyka smile

Together with the Sreyka Smile Association  COLT runs a day care for children below six years old. whose parents often work on the dump site or have serious issues with in the family. The day care provides a safe and healthy place for the children to play and develop, while enabling the parents to work on their home situation. In return, the parents sign an agreement stating they will actively participate in a family development plan, which they set up together with a social worker. The family development plan describes a set of steps the parents need to make to escape the poverty circle.

Important parts of this programme are house calls and workshops, where the parents are educated in vital practical skills like money management and parenting skills, while for some people it could also include a language or vocational training. The aim is that the parents are able to earn an income and develop personally, so that the child can progress into general education and will no longer be regarded as a source of income.

In order to ensure a safe, clean and stimulating environment for these children, COLT employs two nannies that follow a diverse schedule from Monday to Friday. Apart from keeping the children safe and healthy, we also want to prepare them for primary school. Therefore the program involves many activities like art, exercise, music, gardening, English and Khmer and of course frees play.  Because the children come from very poor families that don’t have transport themselves, the children are picked up and brought back by our very own tuk tuk.


Gezocht Ouder/kindsponsoren

Voor de kinderen in het kinderdagverblijf zoeken wij ouder/kindsponsoren. U wordt al ouder/kindsponsor voor €25,- per maand. Met uw steun als ouder/kindsponsor kan COLT zorgen voor gekwalificeerd personeel, educatiemateriaal, gezonde materialen, vervoer en sociale- en medische hulp voor deze gezinnen. Het gezin krijgt dankzij u de noodzakelijke hulp tot dat ze het heft weer in eigen handen kunnen nemen. Bij het ene gezin zal dat langer duren dan bij het andere.

Meld U nu aan! En help deze gezinnen hun leven weer op de rit te krijgen!

U kunt uw maandelijkse Ouder/kindsponsor donatie overmaken naar Stichting COLT Cambodia, IBAN NL81 RABO 0120 0294 42, o.v.v. ouder/kind. ANBI

(COLT is een ANBI stichting waardoor uw maandelijkse donatie aftrekbaar is van de belasting)

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