Miscellaneous activities

Apart from the classes and the sports activities, Colt also organizes special trips to broaden the horizons of our children. These trips generally have a cultural and educational character and have been made possible because of the efforts of some fantastic volunteers.

Cultural trips

Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s national monument and a sacred place for Buddhists. As it plays an important role in Cambodia’s history it is important that the children know what it means to their society. In 2011, the Colt children visited the sacred temples and with the help of a professional guide, they discovered the unique history of their country. 

As a part of their recent history we also organized a trip for the older children to the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng. It is not very common in Cambodia to talk about this black page in their history, but it is important to commemorate and give it a place. 

Social and ecological awareness

Chambok is a small town in Kirirom National Park. It is home to an Eco Community an initiative developed in 2001 by a local environment organization Mlup Baitong, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment. the aim was to address the issues of deforestation and community livelihoods for villagers in the area, who depend on the forests to produce charcoal to make a living. Through community education programs, they were shown the benefits of protecting the forests for future generations. Our kids were informed about their activities, got to see the beautiful scenery and finally played some football with the local kids. 

The older children also took part in the International Human Rights day. They joined a peaceful march to raise awareness about human rights in Cambodia. 

Khmer New Year

The most important celebration in Cambodia is Khmer New Year. It traditionally signifies the end of the harvesting season, just before the rainy season. To keep these traditions alive we ask our Cambodian staff to lead this special day. We play traditional Cambodian games, sing and dance and treat the children to some sweets. 


Junior staff team

The junior staff team was created in 2012 with the idea of involving the children in the organization and preparing them for the future. The team teaches English to kids in the neighborhood, assists organizing sports activities, or help out in our gift shop. The children develop some sense of responsibility and also save some money for the day they will leave Colt.