Fun and games

Creating a safe and healthy environment for the children is one of the main objectives for Colt. An important aspect of this goal is creating a place where children are happy. We dedicate a lot of time and energy to sports and games, as these are not only healthy and relaxing, but it gives children a way to actually be child and have fun together.



Colt has been playing in a competition with similar organizations for years. The squad consists of passionate boys and girls who train every Saturday and Sunday. The training is usually cared for by Wilco, or one of our sporty volunteers. Apart from the competition, we also play the occasional friendly game, against a delegation from Singapore or even The Netherlands. Although our kids love winning, we are keeping a close eye on the fun part as well. 

In a joint effort with other children homes in Phnom Penh, Colt also organizes sports days on a regular basis. Here we play all kinds of games in mixed teams, so the children get a chance to interact with other kids, and get to make some new friends. 


Every so often Colt also organizes a talent show, where our children and volunteers can display their impressive skills. Stimulating their creativity is an important part of our training and singing, dancing and playing theatre together is just a lot of fun. Volunteers at Colt are always encouraged to organize creative and fun activities in and around our shelter. 

Hand in Hand

In 2012 the Colt children took part in the International Half Marathon in Siem Reap. Initiated by Colt, but in cooperation with children home Tek Vell and Cabdico, a foundation that aims to help children with a disability, we starting a fundraising event. The kids from Tek Vell and Cabdico were walking the family run together with children with a disability, who got some special attention in this project. Since some of the kids agreed to run the 10km, they had to train regularly in the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh.