Local Colt shop

In 2012 Colt opened a gift shop. Linde, one of our creative volunteers, and Ratana, our sewing teacher started developing a range of products from local and recycled materials. It gives us an opportunity to actually generate some money in Cambodia and, as everybody is helping out from time to time, a good way to involve volunteers, staff and children. At the moment the product range includes bracelets, purses and bags, wallets and business card holders, that are all made from local fabric and old tires, lids, and used rice and cement bags. 

Since an inspiring workplace will benefit our creativity, we display the products in the same room as we keep our workshop, a cozy place where volunteers and children can explore their creativity. Friends, visitors and volunteers can always pop in to have a look around or buy something. The entire revenue will obviously return to the project. 


So, if you are you looking for a memorable gift, or would like to help us sell our products, or if you just have some creative suggestions, please contact frida@colt-cambodia.org.  The products are being sold by volunteers on several locations in The Netherlands and, as the assortment keeps developing, keep a close eye on our Facebook page or click here for the latest products.